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Article 39


(1) Having received a Formal Envelope and if necessary a set of ballots, a voter shall enter a voting booth (Article 17, Paragraph 2 hereinbefore) where he/she shall insert no more than one ballot into the Formal Envelope. The voter shall have the right to express his/her preference by marking the ballot prior to inserting it into the Formal Envelope so that he/she encircles the candidate's ballot position number. No more than four candidates listed on one ballot form may be indicated, and no other ballot editing can be accepted.

(2) A voter who will vote based on a non-local voting permit outside his/her registered electoral area shall be under an obligation to surrender his/her non-local voting permit to the ward election board in the polling station where he/she happens to vote. The ward election board in question shall enclose such non-local voting permit with the extract from the Register of Persons Unable to Vote Locally.