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Article 43

Conclusion of Ward Election Board Operation

(1) After the votes have been counted, and after the report of the polling process and the vote count has been signed by the ward election board, its chairman shall report the vote count, and without any delay forward one copy of the report to its district election board. Then he/she shall wait for the district election board to direct him/her to discontinue the board operations.

(2) Should any chairman of the ward election board fail to meet the obligations arising from the provisions stipulated by the foregoing Paragraph 1 of this Article within twenty-four hours after the end of voting in spite of having been requested to do so by the district election board, the district election board may compute the vote count received in the other electoral wards, and communicate the outcome of the vote in its district electoral area to the relevant regional election board. After the final date stipulated, and after the district election board members have signed the report (Article 45 herein below), no vote count that may arrive shall be taken into account.

(3) The ward election board shall seal the ballots and Formal Envelopes cast, and the ward extracts from Permanent Electoral Rolls/Registers of Persons Unable to Vote Locally, and deposit them, along with the other election-related documents, with the Local Authorities for safe- keeping.