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Article 48

Apportionment of Representative Seats among Electoral Regions [*note of the translator*]

(1) The Central Election Board shall review the reports of regional election boards, and according to the data reported, shall sum up all valid votes cast within all electoral regions for all party/coalition lists of candidates. Such total popular vote shall be divided by the prescribed number of Delegates in the Chamber of Delegates. The figure obtained in the above manner, rounded off to the nearest whole number, shall define [the average proportion of the population in the Czech Republic to be represented by one legislative seat -] the national electoral quota.

(2) The total vote in the electoral region shall then be divided by the national electoral quota, and as many legislative seats shall be allocated to the electoral region as many times the full national electoral quota is contained in the region's total vote count. The same procedure shall be repeated until legislative seats have been allocated for all electoral regions.

(3) If after the above procedure, several seats in the Chamber of Delegates remain to be apportioned, the seats that were not allocated by full national electoral quotas shall subsequently be allocated to electoral regions with the largest remainder of votes after the quota has been subtracted from each region's total vote for each seat it was allocated. The legislative seats shall be allocated sequentially to the electoral regions with the largest remainder until all the seats in the Chamber of Delegates have been apportioned among electoral regions. Should there be several electoral regions with equally highest remainder, lots shall be drawn to determine the winning region.