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Article 61

Application for Candidate's Registration

(1) Candidates contesting a seat in the Senate may be nominated by Political Parties and coalitions that shall file their proposal for registration by the party/coalition authorized agent. An independent candidate shall apply for registration by himself/herself. Any Political Party and/or coalition may file an application for registration of no more than one candidate in each electoral division. Should a Political Party have filed the application for registration of its candidate as a constituent of one joint coalition, it may not file another registration application as a constituent of another coalition or as a separate entity.

(2) A candidate may stand for election in no more than one electoral division.

(3) No later than sixty days prior to the day of the elections, two identical copies of the registration application shall be submitted to the divisional election board secretary in the electoral division to be represented by the party/coalition nominee, or by the independent candidate to the Senate.

(4) The registration application shall include:

the name and surname of the candidate, his/her birth registration number, date of birth, place of permanent residence, occupation, and evidence supporting the fact that the candidate is a Citizen of the Czech Republic 7);

the title of the Political Party or coalition applying for registration of its candidate, along with a signature attached by a party/coalition statutory body, or an information that the applicant is running for election as an independent candidate;

information as to whether the candidate is politically affiliated, and if so then his/her party affiliation;

the identification number and [seat] of the electoral division in which the candidate intends to compete for a representative seat;

a statement, signed in ink by the candidate, declaring that the undersigned candidate has approved of his/her nomination, and that no approval to be registered as a candidate in any other electoral division has been given by him/her, and that no fact disqualifying the undersigned candidate from eligibility to be elected is known to him/her. The undersigned candidate shall also indicate his/her party affiliation or, as the case may be, the fact that he/she is non-party;

should a candidate be nominated for registration by a Political Party or coalition, in an Appendix enclosed with the candidate's registration application, the Political Party or coalition shall name its agent, a person authorized to act on behalf of the Political Party or coalition, and two other persons who may become the agent's stand-ins. The name, surname, and the full address of the agent and the two stand-ins shall be given. No candidate shall have the right to act as the party/coalition agent or the agent's stand-in. Acts of the agent on behalf of the Political Party or coalition in matters related to the elections shall be binding on the Political Party or coalition. The divisional election board shall be notified by the Political Party or coalition should a stand-in replace the agent in the office.

(5) Should the secretary of the divisional election board find out that a registration application fails to meet the requirements specified by the provisions of this Article in Paragraph 4 above and Paragraph 6 below, he/she shall notify the agent of the Political Party or coalition, or the independent candidate in question. Before the final date stipulated in Paragraph 3 of this Article, the party/coalition agent or/and the independent candidate may remove such deficiencies. On the request of the party/coalition agent and/or the independent candidate, the secretary shall produce confirmation that the application for registration has been filed.

(6) Enclosed with the application for registration of an independent candidate shall be a petition in support of the candidate. This petition must be signed by no fewer than one thousand voters qualified to vote in the electoral division where the candidate is contesting the constituency seat. Persons signing the petition shall furnish their name, surname, birth registration number, and address. A signature under such petition cannot not be withdrawn.