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Article 64

Candidate's Registration

(1) After the receipt of the Central Election Board's protocol on the conclusions on the review of applications for candidate's registration, no later that forty-five days prior to the day of the elections, each divisional election board shall register each candidate whose application has been duly filed in its electoral division, draw lots in order that numerical symbols denominating candidates' ballots may be determined, and notify the independent candidates and/or party/coalition authorized agents about such facts in writing. Should a candidate be registered by implication of the Central Election Board decision on appeal (see Article 62, Paragraph 3 above), or by implication of a court decision as per a separate law 10), the relevant divisional election board shall register the candidate even after the above specified final date, however, no later than on the thirtieth day prior to the day of the elections, and subsequently, shall assign each of these candidates the numerical symbol which shall index the candidate's ballot. For the purpose of assigning a numerical symbol to the candidates, lots shall be drawn as well, and the result shall be communicated in writing to the respective independent candidate and/or agent acting on behalf of the Political Party and/or coalition.

(2) No ballots shall be reproduced for any candidate unless the candidate has been duly registered.

(3) Should, subsequent to registration of a candidate, the Political Party which applied for his/her registration be forced to suspend its activities or be dissolved, the candidate shall be deemed an independent candidate who then shall not be under obligation to produce any petition retroactively.