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Article 66

Resignation from Nomination, Recall of Nominee

(1) Any candidate may resign from his/her nomination provided the resignation statement be made in writing prior to the opening of the election. The same procedure applies should a Political Party or coalition, through the instrumentality of its agent, wish to recall the candidate whom the party/coalition has nominated.

(2) Two copies of this statement shall be delivered to either the chairman or the secretary of the relevant divisional election board. Neither the resignation statement nor the recall statement can be withdrawn.

(3) The chairman of the divisional election board shall forward one of the two copies to the chairman of the Central Election Board without delay, and immediately thereafter, arrange for the statement to be made public in an appropriate manner in polling stations provided that he/she has received the statement no later than forty-eight hours prior to the beginning of the election.

(4) Should a resignation/recall statement be made after the distribution of ballots among voters has taken place, no account shall be taken of votes cast in favour of the candidate who has resigned or has been recalled when the vote count is computed.