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Article 44

Nomination of candidates

1. The following are entitled to put forward candidates or lists of candidates:

a) Parties and federations entered in the corresponding register.

b) Coalitions set up as provided in next paragraph.

c) Electors’ groupings satisfying the conditions laid down by the specific provisions of this Act.

2. Parties and federations entering a coalition pact to take part jointly at an election shall inform the relevant Electoral Commission within ten days from the call of the election. Said notification must include the name and rules of the coalition and the persons at the head of the coalitions’
leading or coordinating bodies.

3. No party, federation, coalition or electors’ grouping may put forward more than one list of candidates in one constituency for the same election. Federated o coalition parties may not present lists of their own in a constituency where there are candidates of said federations or coalitions already standing at the same constituency.

4. No political party, federation or coalition of parties or electors’ grouping may put forward lists of candidates that can be practically deemed a continuation of or succession to the activity of a political party declared as illegal and dissolved or suspended by a court of law. To this end there shall be had regard to substantial similarity of structure and to the organization and functioning of the persons acting as members, leaders, representatives or managers of the candidates, to the
financial sources and material means of said or any other significant circumstances, such as proclivity to support violence or terrorism, may lead to assume said continuation or succession.