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Article 72

Conditions for postal voting

1. Electors expecting to be absent from the place where they are entitled to exercise their right to vote or to be unable to vote in person on the polling day, may vote by post, provided they have submitted an application for this purpose to the Provincial Delegation of the Electoral Register
Office and they fulfill the following requirements:

a) The elector shall apply to the respective Provincial Delegation, from the calling of the election but not later than the tenth day before polling day, for a certificate of registration in the Electoral Register. The application may be delivered at any Post Office station. 

b) The application must be submitted in person and the Post Office employee to whom it is delivered shall require the applicant to produce his National Identity Card (Documento Nacional de Identidad) and check the coincidence of both signatures. Photocopies of National Identity Card shall not accepted.

c) In case of illness or incapacity making personal submission impossible and on production of an official medical certificate, which shall be free of charge, the application may be submitted on the elector’s behalf by another person duly authorized by a notary’s or consulate’s proxy, which is to be issued only for one individual and shall not include more than one person nor give power to act on behalf of more than one elector. The corresponding Electoral Commission shall check in each case the fulfilment of the conditions set out in this subsection.

d) Post office stations shall forward within three days all documents so received to the corresponding Electoral Register Office.