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Article 105

Sitting for the count

1. The aggregate counting shall begin with the Secretary reading out the legal provisions relating to the operation.

2. The Commission’s staff shall then, under the supervision of the Commission itself, open one by one the envelopes referred to in subsection 2 of section 100 above. 3. Where the corresponding envelope from any of the polling stations is missing or its contents are incomplete, the third envelope referred to in section 102 shall be used instead. Failing this and without prejudice to subsection 4 of section 101, a copy of the minutes of the Bureau’s sitting duly produced by a representative or proxy of a candidate or candidature, shall be used. Where contradictory copies are shown, none of them is to be taken into account.

4. Where there are double or different minutes or records from a polling station’s bureau or where the number of voters shown in the record exceeds that of the electors of the bureau according to the electoral register lists and to the registration certificates produced –with the exception of votes cast by the polling controllers-, the Commission shall not include said votes in the aggregate count.

Provided that where this is due to a single material, factual or arithmetical error, the Commission itself shall rectify it.

5. The Commission’s Secretary shall give the summary result of each polling station’s bureau and the Commission’s staff are to make the corresponding entries, if need be, by a mechanical or electronic means leaving a documentary evidence of such entries.

6. Where the number of polling station bureaus makes it advisable, the Electoral Commission may be divided into two sections for the performance of the operations referred to in the subsections above, in which case one of the Commission’s members shall act as secretary in one of the