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Article 156

Limitations formembers of Congress of Deputies and Senators to sit in public sector bodies or corporations

1. Members of the Congress of Deputies and Senators may only sit in collective executive bodies or boards of directors of organizations, public agencies or firms directly or indirectly controlled by the public sector through a majority stake, where their appointment to such bodies is to be made by the respective House of Parliament, by the Parliament as a whole or by the relevant Selfgoverning Community’s Legislative Assembly. In this case they are only entitled however to
travelling and daily allowances to which they may be entitled under the Public Administration’s general regulations.

2. The sums to which they are entitled but which cannot be paid to them pursuant to the foregoing section, shall be directly paid into the Treasury by the relevant organization, agency or firm.

3. Under no circumstance may members of the House sit in more than two collective executive bodies or boards of directors referred to in subsection 1 above.