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Article 186

Representatives of municipal candidates

1. For the purposes of Section 43, political parties, federations and coalitions intending to take part at the election shall nominate in a communication to Provincial Electoral Commissions, before the ninth day after the call of the election, a general representative to act on their behalf and representation in each province, and they shall nominate as well within the same time limit a general representative before the CentralElectoral Commission. Said communications must include a statement of acceptance by the person so appointed.

2. General representatives shall appoint in a notification to each Provincial Electoral Commission before the eleventh day after the call of the election the candidates’ representatives of the party, federation or coalition in each municipality.

3. Within two days the Provincial Electoral Commissions is to notify to the respective Judiciary District Electoral Commissions the names of the representatives of candidates nominated for their area of jurisdiction.

4. Candidates’ representatives shall in any case appear before the appropriate Judicial District Electoral Commission to make their acceptance known before presentation of the respective candidates.

5. Promoters of electors’ groupings shall appoint their candidates’ representatives at the moment of nomination of said candidates before Judiciary District Electoral Commissions. Such appointment must be accepted forthwith.