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Article 69

(Newspaper Advertisements)

(1) Any candidate (referring to the political party that recommends its candidate in a presidential election and the political party that recommends its candidates in the election of the proportional representative National Assembly members; hereafter the same shall apply in this Article) may run an advertisement of the platform or policy of the political party to which the candidate belongs, the candidate's political views, political fund-raising (limited to presidential elections), and other matters necessary for the publicity in a daily newspaper provided for in subparagraph 1 (a) or (b) of Article 2 of the Act on the Promotion of Newspapers, etc. from the commencement date of an election period to two days before the election day, pursuant to the following subparagraphs. In such cases, one run of advertisements in a daily newspaper shall be deemed one instance of a newspaper advertisement in calculating the frequency of advertisements in the daily newspaper:

<Amended by Act No. 5412, Nov. 14, 1997; Act No. 7189, Mar. 12, 2004; Act No. 7681, Aug. 4, 2005; Act No. 9785, Jul. 31, 2009>

1. Presidential election: Up to 70 times in total;

2. Election of proportional representative National Assembly members: Up to 20 times in total;

3. Election of the Mayors/Do Governors: Up to five times in total: Provided, That in a City/Do with a population of more than three million, one time shall be added for every one million persons exceeding three million persons.

(2) Advertisements under paragraph (1) shall indicate grounds for advertisements and the names of advertisers.

<Amended by Act No. 9974, Jan. 25, 2010>

(3) Two or more candidates who are recommended by the same political party in the election of the Mayors/Do Governors, may jointly run an advertisement. In such cases, each candidate shall be deemed to have run the advertisement once respectively, and the expenses for the advertisement shall be divided among the candidates according to their agreement, but the particulars about the division of expenses shall be specified in an advertisement contract.

<Amended by Act No. 9974, Jan. 25, 2010>

(4) Deleted. <by Act No. 9974, Jan. 25, 2010>

(5) A candidate, if intending to run an advertisement, shall do so after obtaining a letter of certification that the advertisement is in conformity with this Act from the competent constituency election commission, and anyone who operates or manages the daily newspaper or who is in charge of the advertisement affairs shall not insert an advertisement of the candidate when the letter of certification is not accompanied.

(6) Deleted. <by Act No. 9974, Jan. 25, 2010>

(7) Deleted. <by Act No. 6265, Feb. 16, 2000>

(8) Any person operating or managing a daily newspaper in which an advertisement is inserted under paragraph (1), may not claim or collect advertisement fees against or from candidates in excess of the minimum fees of the commercial, cultural and other various advertisements inserted in the same size and on the same column during an election period, in calculating the expenses for such an advertisement.

<Newly Inserted by Act No. 5537, Apr. 30, 1998>

(9) The forms of written certifications, indications of grounds for advertisements and other necessary matters shall be prescribed by Regulations of the National Election Commission.

<Amended by Act No. 9974, Jan. 25, 2010>