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Article 158

(Advance Polling)

(1) Any elector (excluding abode voters and shipboard voters) may vote at an advance polling station during the advance polling period.

(2) An elector who intends to vote in advance polling shall present his/her identification card at an advance polling station to have his/her identity
verified and then imprint his/her thumbmark or affix his/her signature electronically to receive a ballot paper.

(3) The official in charge of advance polling management shall print ballot papers for the relevant election with a ballot paper printer, affix his/her
seal on the blank for “official in charge of advance polling management”, and give a ballot paper to an elector without cutting off the serial number, along with an envelop for return. 

(4) Upon receipt of a ballot paper and an envelop for return, an elector shall enter a balloting booth, choose one candidate (referring to one political
party in cases of an election of proportional representative National Assembly members or an election of proportional representative local council members), put a mark in the corresponding column of the balloting paper, fold it on the spot so that no one can see the balloting, put it into the envelop for return, seal it, and then put the envelop into the advance polling box.

(5) Notwithstanding paragraphs (3) and (4), the official in charge of advance polling management may elect not to give an envelop for return to an
elector in an area specified by Regulations of the National Election Commission.

(6) The official in charge of advance polling management shall transfer ballot papers after the closing of advance polling each day during the advance
polling period or after the end of the advance polling period, in the presence of advance polling witnesses, in accordance with the following procedure:

<Amended by Act No. 12393, Feb. 13, 2014>

1. If ballot papers have been given for voting along with an envelop for return in accordance with paragraph (3) or (4), the advance polling box
shall be opened, the number of advance voters shall be counted, and then ballot papers shall be transferred to the head of the competent post office to dispatch the ballot papers by registered mail;

2. If an envelop for return has not been given for voting in accordance with paragraph (5), the relevant advance polling box shall be transferred directly to the competent Gu/Si/Gun election commission. Article 170 shall apply mutatis mutandis to the delivery of advance polling boxes in such cases.

(7) The provisions of Article 157 (3) and (5) through (7) shall apply mutatis mutandis to cases where a ballot paper is not given and the entry to a
polling station. 

(8) The procedure for advance polling when a problem occurs to a telecommunications system and other necessary matters shall be prescribed
by Regulations of the National Election Commission. 

[This Article Wholly Amended by Act No. 12267, Jan. 17, 2014]