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Article 218

(Duty of Securing Fairness in Overseas Election)

(1) The National Election Commission and overseas returning officers shall endeavor to secure the participation of overseas electors in voting and fairness in overseas elections, such as application for registration of overseas electors, methods of overseas elections, publicity of other matters for exercise of the suffrage of overseas electors.

(2) The National Election Commission shall take necessary measures so that overseas electors may know names of parties which recommended
candidates, names of candidates, marks, election pledge, etc. through telephone or internet.

(3) The National Election Commission shall promote investigation and research on elections, political parties, political funds systems and the status of their operation, plans for development of political parties, etc. of foreign countries and make necessary efforts for improvement of the overseas election system and development of politics.

[This Article Newly Inserted by Act No. 9466, Feb. 12, 2009]