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Paragraph 16

A. Electoral system for the distribution of parliamentary mandates

Article 84 of the draft law establishes nine electoral constituencies for parliamentary elections. There is a constituency for each oblast and Bishkek and Osh cities. Article 85 provides that the allocation of parliamentary mandates among these nine electoral constituencies is based proportionally on the total number of voters in the constituency in relation to the total number of voters on the list of voters. Article 85 specifically references Article 38, which regulates compilation of the list of registered voters by the CEC. Article 85 requires the CEC determination of the number of mandates for each electoral constituency to be made 15 days before the announcement of elections. Article 83 provides that the announcement of regular elections by the president should occur no earlier than 75 days and no later than 60 days before voting day. Thus, the announcement of the number of mandates to be filled in each constituency should be made by the CEC between 75 and 90 days before the elections.