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Article 22

§ 22. Polling card

(1) The chief processor of the population register shall organise the preparation of polling cards and their sending to voters not later than on the twentieth day before the day of the referendum. A polling card shall not be sent to a voter if the information on his or her residence is entered in the population register on the initiative of a local government to the accuracy of the rural municipality or city, or in Tallinn to the accuracy of the city district. If several referendums are held on the same day, only one polling card shall be sent to each voter.

(2) The following shall be entered on a polling card:

1) the given name and surname of the voter;

2) the year of birth of the voter;

3) the residential address of the voter;

4) the name of the rural municipality or city and the number of the polling division where the voter is entered in the polling list;

5) the time and place of voting on advance polling days and the day of the referendum;

6) the referendum issue or the title of the draft Act and a notation concerning publication of the draft Act in the Riigi Teataja.

(3) A voter who has not received a polling card by fifteenth days before the day of the referendum or whose polling card contains incorrect information may file an application with a rural municipality or city secretary for clarification to be given or errors to be corrected. The rural municipality or city secretary shall promptly review the application together with the person who prepared the polling card and shall respond to the application in writing within three working days as of receiving the application.