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Paragraph 58

III. Comments on the Text on the Draft Electoral Law 

F. Nomination and Registration of Candidates

According to Article 52 the nomination of candidates begins 90 days prior to election day and ends 79 days prior to election day. Parties have the right to nominate a list of candidates in the nationwide election district. Candidates in the single-mandate districts can be nominated by parties or they can be self-nominated. Candidates who are not members of any party may nonetheless be nominated by a party and appear on the list of that party. Candidate lists for the nationwide district are registered with the CEC. The draft electoral law removes CEC responsibility for registration of single-mandate candidates and places it with the relevant DEC. DEC registration of single-mandate candidates partially adopts a previous recommendation. However, the proposed amendments contain no provisions for CEC oversight of candidate registration by the DECs. In line with previous recommendations, the draft electoral law should be revised to provide the CEC with strong regulatory functions with regard to candidate registration and the right to overrule an unsound decision of the DEC on candidate registration.