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Paragraph 74

General remarks B

The President is no more elected by the people; He/she “shall observe the compliance with the Constitution” (Article 123 paragraph 2); He/she “shall be impartial and shall be guided exclusively by state and national interests“ (Article 123 paragraph 3). He/she is clearly separated from the executive and has very limited autonomous powers. His/her main functions which are exercised without a proposal from the Government or from a member of the Government, regard: the address to the Assembly (Article 128), the signature and publication of laws (Article 129), appointments to State position, resolution of issues related to citizenship (Article 134), granting pardon (Article 135), decoration with awards and granting of honorary titles (Article 136), awarding the highest grades (Article 137). In all this cases he/she has to proceed according to the provisions of the law (which could require the intervention of other organs of the State, although, in principle, the law could leave the final decision in these matters to the President only).