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Paragraph 79

Specific Remarks C

Chapter 4. The National Assembly

Article 89.  National Assembly Composition and Election Procedure

The electoral system from which the Armenian Constitutional Commission has drawn inspiration is the recently adopted Italian system. This system provides that if a party passes a threshold of 40% of the votes, it is attributed a minimum of seats which would bring the party to 54% of the seats. If no party has been able to pass the 40% threshold, a second round takes place between the two parties that received most votes in the first round. The party winning the second round is attributed 54% of the seats. The remaining seats are allocated to the other parties in a proportional manner, according to the results of the first round. This system has been adopted after a rather long period of instability and with the aim of finding a better balance between governability and representation. This system is the fruit of a long experience. It is not necessarily transferrable to a country which is making the choice of a parliamentary system and will experiment it for the first time.