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Article 84

The National Assembly shall:

1.  pass, amend, and rescind the laws;

2. pass the state budget bill and the budget report;

3. establish the taxes and determine the size of the state taxes;

4. schedule the elections for a President of the Republic;

5. resolve on the holding of a national referendum;

6. elect and dismiss the Prime Minister and, on his motion, the members of the Council of Ministers; effect changes in the government on a motion from the Prime Minister;

7. create, transform and close down ministries on a motion from the Prime Minister;

8. elect and dismiss the Governor of the Bulgarian National Bank and the heads of other institutions established by a law;

9. approve state-loan agreements;

10. resolve on the declaration of war and conclusion of peace;

11. approve any deployment and use of Bulgarian armed forces outside the country's borders, and the deployment of foreign troops on the territory of the country or their crossing of that territory;

12. on a motion from the President or the Council of Ministers, introduce martial law or a state of emergency on all or part of the country's territory;

13. grant amnesty;

14. institute orders and medals;

15. establish the official holidays;

16. hear and approve the annual reports of the Chairman of the Supreme Court of Cassation, of the Chairman of the Supreme Administrative Court and of the Prosecutor General on law enforcement and on the operation of the courts, the prosecution offices and the investigating authoritie. The National Assembly may also hear and approve other reports by the Prosecutor General on the operation of the prosecution in law enforcement, counteraction of crime and implementation of penal policy;


17. give a hearing and pass reports on the activity of bodies, wholly or partially appointed by the National Assembly, where this is provided by law.