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§ 1

Membership, elections announcement, election day, qualifying date

(1)The National Council consists of 183 members, elected according to the provisions made in this federal law.

(2) Elections are to be announced in the Federal Law Gazette on decree of the federal government. The decree must contain the election day which has to be scheduled on a Sunday or a public holiday by the federal government in agreement with the main committee of the National Council. The decree has to also set the day which is to serve as qualifying date for election procedures. The day should not however be set on a date previous to the day of announcement of the elections and has to be set 28 days prior to election day. The deadlines fixed in § 13, § 14, § 16 and § 25 of this federal law as well as the prerequisites for an eligibility to vote (§ 21, para 1) and to be elected (§ 41) are to be set in accordance with the qualifying date.

(3) The decree of the federal government on the announcement of the elections has to also be announced in all municipalities by a public notice.