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§ 49

Completion and publishing of the provincial lists of candidates

(1) On the fifty-second day before the election day at the latest, the provincial elections authorities have to complete their lists of candidates. In case a provincial or regional party list should contain too many candidates, the superfluous ones are to be crossed out. Thereafter the lists of candidates are to be published and to have them sent to and acknowledged by the Federal Board of Elections by electronic means.

(2) Faults in the lists of candidates discovered after their publishing do not affect their validity.

(3) The publications according to para 1 have to follow the order of the parties which were represented in the last National Council following the number of seats which they were represented by in the National Council in the whole federal territory. When the number of seats of more than one party is equal, the order of their publication has to follow the total number of votes which each of those parties received in the last National Council election. When these are also equal, the federal elections authority has to decide by a lot drawn by their youngest member. The established order is then to be reported by the federal elections authority to the provincial elections authorities not later than on the thirty-eighth day before the election day and is binding for the provincial elections authorities.

(4) After the parties arranged according to para 3 the other parties taking part in the elections are to be entered and arranged according to the times when they submitted their list of candidates. When these were submitted at the same time by more than one party the order they should be published in is to be decided by the provincial elections authorities by a lot drawn by their youngest member.

(5) The distinctive party names are to be put in front of the words "list 1, 2, 3, etc." and are to be consecutively numbered. When a party which was represented in the last National Council does not take part in the elections, the publication has to only show the number due to it according to para 3 and next to it the word "vacant".

(6) The publication has to be done in conformity with local custom. It has to show all list numbers as well as the contents of the lists of candidates in full (§43, para 1, items 1 to 3), with the exception of street names and reference numbers. 

(7) The names, and any abbreviated names of all parties, have to be printed in black with equally sized letters and entered in equally sized rectangles. For the abbreviations equally sized black letters are to be used. In front of every party name the word "list" has to be entered in black and under it the larger consecutively numbered digits. For party names longer than three lines, the size of the printed letters can be changed to fit the space available.

(8) The provincal election authorities have to provide the authorities being responsible for the issuance of voting cards the lists (§39 para 4) indicating the proposal of candidates for the provincial electoral district. This lists have to be provided in the same number equal to the number of forms for the voting cards (§ 39 para 3).