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§ 57

Polling booth

(1) In each polling station there has to be at least one polling booth. In order to facilitate a faster handling of the voters, more than one polling booth can be placed in a polling station as long as this does not hinder the surveillance of the voting procedures. In wards with more than 500 persons entitled to vote at least two polling booths have to be set up in a polling station.

(2) The polling booth has to be set up in such a way that the voter can fill in the ballot paper and put it in its envelope without being observed by any other person in the polling station.

(3) When there are no specially constructed sturdy polling booths for the purposes of the elections, any isolating construction in the polling station which would prevent the voter in it to be observed by any other person can serve as a polling booth. Such an improvised polling booth can be constructed with the use of wooden frames covered with opaque paper or material, by a curtain put across any corner of a room, by pulling together several large cupboards or by arranging several black boards in an appropriate fashion. It should, wherever possible, be constructed in a way that the voter enters it from the one side and leaves from the other.

(4) The polling booth has to be equipped with a table and a chair or a lectern, as well as with some support to write on. The necessary instruments for the filling in of the ballot paper (if possible a coloured pencil) have to also be placed in it. The provincial party list composed and published by the provincial elections authorities has to be put up in the booth so as to be easily noticeable.

(5) It has to always be made sure that at all times during polling the polling booth is sufficiently lit up.