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§ 112

Filling of seats when the lists of candidates have been exhausted

(1) When the provincial party list of a provincial list of candidates is exhausted because of the death of a candidate or because a candidate was deleted from the list (§ 111, para 4), the provincial elections authority responsible for the appointment of another candidate has to urge the authorized recipient of the party which submitted the provincial list of candidates in question to announce which of the remaining candidates featuring on the other proposals for the provincial elections are to be appointed by the provincial elections authority to receive the vacant seats.

(2) The regulations set out in para 1 are to be applied when the list of candidates of a federal list of candidates has been exhausted, provided that the authorized recipient of the respective party fills in the vacancies in the federal list of candidates by appointing other candidates from the same provincial constituency who were not, until then, included in the federal list of candidates.