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§ 117

Persons entitled to vote and electoral roll; wards and elections authorities

As long as no other regulations result from § 115, para 2, and § 116, para 2, the following regulations apply to the re-elections:

1. Only voters who were already entered into the electoral roll of the elections which are to be repeated are entitled to vote in the new elections. These electoral rolls are to remain unchanged and be the basis of the new elections.

2. In the constituencies, in which the election procedure was annulled, the division into wards, established in the annulled elections, is to remain valid for the re-elections.

3. The election procedure, as well as the proceedings for determining the election results, is to be carried out by the elections authorities, in the way this was done in the annulled elections. When changing the composition of the elections authorities § 19, para 1, 2 and 3 are to be applied accordingly.