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Section 9

(1) On the thirty-first day before Election Day the Federal Election Commission shall stop to further accept valid nominations, and all valid candidate nomination proposals received shall be published on the notice board of the Federal Ministry of the Interior and on the Internet, in alphabetic order by family or surnames, without indicating street names and identification numbers; if family or surnames are identical, alphabetic order shall alternatively be determined by first names; if the first names are also identical, the order shall be determined by the date the nomination proposal was tabled; if several nomination proposals endorse the same candidate, the name of this candidate shall be published only once, whereas mention shall be made also of the authorised service recipients of the respective candidate nomination proposals.

(2) Announcements in all municipalities shall be made in the usual local fashion, and must include public display.

(3) If a nomination is not announced, the cost contribution (Section 7, paragraph 9) shall be reimbursed.