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Section 21

(1) The Federal Election Commission shall announce the election results without delay (Section 17, or Section 20, if applicable) on the official board of the Federal Ministry of the Interior and on the Internet.Internet.

(2) Within a week of announcement, any authorised service recipient of a valid candidate nomination proposal (Section 9) may raise an objection against the election results published by the Federal Election Commission (paragraph 1) with the Constitutional Court for any alleged unlawfulness in the election process. The objection must include a reasonable motion for annulment of the election process or a certain part thereof. The Constitutional Court shall decide on the objection within four weeks of receiving the objection. The provisions of Sections 68, paragraph 2, 69, 70, paragraphs 1 and 4, of the Constitutional Court Act 1953 shall apply mutatis mutandis to such appellate procedures.