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Article 93

1. Voting centres, CEAZ headquarters and Ballot Counting Centre are established, to the extent possible, in public buildings with free access.

2. Voting centres, CEAZ headquarters and Ballot Counting Centre may not be established in:

a) private buildings without prior approval of the CEC. In any case, a voting centre may not be established in a private dwelling;

b) buildings used by the public administration, except for educational, cultural and healthcare institutions;

c) buildings used or owned, partially or totally, by a political party, candidates or their relatives, or that have served as electoral offices during the electoral campaign.

3. The CEC may establish a voting centre in a private building when there are no objective possibilities to use a public building in the polling unit or in a neighbouring polling unit. The proposal for their designation is submitted for two alternative buildings, together with the respective blueprint or pictures of the building, a description of facilities offered by the building for the normal conduct of elections and evidence that it meets the criteria set out in this article. This does not apply in case when it is not possible to find an alternative building.

4. Upon the request of one of its members, the CEC orders its administration to conduct the respective verification on the ground; the administration submits a report on the fulfilment of the criteria stipulated in this Code or in other acts. The decision is made in consultation with the representatives of [political] subjects accredited to the CEC. A copy of the CEC decision is visibly displayed at the entrance of the respective voting centres or ballot counting centres on the election date.