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Article 105

1. After entering the voting centre:

a) the voter states the name and presents to the VCC one of the following official valid identity documents bearing biometric data:
i) identity card; or
ii) passport;

b) one of the members, assigned by a decision of the VCC, upon the voter’ presentation at the VCC and before the voter is given the ballot paper, checks the voter on both hands to determine whether or not he/she has been marked with special ink. If the voter has been marked, the member immediately informs the other members of the VCC, who shall immediately verify it. The name and surname of that voter is recorded in the VCC Meeting Record Book and he/she shall not be given the ballot paper;

c) after verifying that the data about the identity of the voter correspond to those on the voter list and that the voter is the same as the person on the identity document, the Chair records the type and serial number of the identity document on the voter list and draws a line through the name of the voter on this list;

ç) the voter signs the voter list next to his/her name;

d) the ballot paper is stamped on its reverse side with the stamp of the VCC andthe stamp of the VCC Chair. When the ECS is decided to be used, according to this Code, the ballot paper is stamped only with the VCC stamp;

dh) one of the members of the VCC, assigned by its decision, marks the left hand of the voter with a special ink, visible with a naked eye and indelible for at least 24 hours, in order to avoid voting more than once, and after that the voter is given the ballot paper. If the voter refuses to be marked with the special ink, he/she shall not be given the ballot paper and his/her identity is recorded in the VCC Meeting Record Book.

2. One of the members assigned by decision of the VCC takes care of the orderly queuing of the voters.

3. In case a voter who is not registered on the final voter list, but has obtained a court decision recognizing his/her right to vote in that voting centre according to article 55 of this Code, appears before the VCC, the VCC records in a special register the voter’s name, the number of the identification document and attaches the court decision.