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Article 106

1. On receipt of the ballot paper, the voter proceeds alone to the voting booth and votes on the ballot paper by marking next to the name of the electoral subject or of the party which is member of a coalition with the sign “x” or “+” or another sign that clearly indicates the voter’s choice.

2. After making his/her mark on the ballot paper, the voter folds the ballot paper so that the mark cannot be seen but at least one of the stamps on the reverse side of the paper is visible. After leaving the voting booth, the voter deposits the ballot paper in the respective ballot box and leaves the voting centre.

3. With the exception of the case specified in article 108 of this Code, a voter shall vote only on his/her own behalf.

4. The VCC members and secretary vote upon completion of the voting by all voters present in the voting centre by the scheduled time for closing the polls. The rules determined by this article are also applicable to the voting by the VCC members and its secretary.

5. The VCC members who have allowed a voter to vote more than once or on behalf of other voters shall be subject to criminal liability in accordance with article 248 of the Criminal Code, except for the case provided for in article 108 of this Code.