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Article 116

1. The CEAZ shall make a decision to start the counting of votes only after having received all boxes with the ballot papers and boxes of voting materials from all the voting centres under its jurisdiction.

2. The Counting Team members take from the stack of ballot boxes, one after the other and in ascending order of the ordinal numbers of the voting centres, the ballot boxes with the ballots of only one voting centre and place them by the table of the respective Counting Team. Next, the Counting Team members receive from the secretary of the CEAZ the sample of the VCC Chair stamp, deposited in compliance with point 2 of article 100 of this Code.

3. Then, the First Counter places the ballot box with ballot papers on the table and opens it, by breaking the seals with the security codes. Initially, the Counting Team verifies the data in the Records of the Closing of the Polls.

4. If the Records of the Closing of the Polls is found in the box and is filled in accordance with article 113 of this Code, the counting will continue in accordance with procedures set out in this article. If the Records of the Closing of the Polls is missing, or if the data under article 113 of this Code are not filled in, the procedure specified in article 116/1 shall apply.

5. After the Records of the Closing of the Polls is taken out, or after the Records of Findings is filled in, the First Counter and members of the Counting Team take the ballot papers and the envelope with the Records of Sealing out the box, unfold the ballot papers and place them on the table with the reverse of the sheet facing up.

6. The stacked ballot papers are counted by the First Counter, who, at the conclusion of the count, declares the figure to the Counting Team members and the observers of electoral subjects. The declared figure is checked against the figure on the voter turnout that is written down in the Records of the Closing of the Polls. If the figures do not match or if requested by any of the Counting Team members, the First Counter shall recount the ballot papers.

7. If the verification reveals discrepancies, then the Counting Team or any of the observers of the electoral subjects who identifies the discrepancies, notify immediately the CEAZ about them. The notification is done by raising one’s hand and without moving from own place. The raising of the hand suspends any further action of the Counting Team until the CEAZ is informed of the issue and verifies it. If the CEAZ confirms the irregularity, it reflects it in the Records of Findings. The CEAZ makes a decision to continue the procedures for the counting of votes by the Counting Team only after recording the inaccuracy or irregularity in the Records of Findings. The Counting Team is informed immediately about the decision of the CEAZ.