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Article 179

1. For the introduction and implementation of the new information technology in the electoral process, the CEC shall approve an Action Plan. The decision is approved by the votes "in favour" of no less than 5 members of the CEC.

2. The approval or non-approval of the Action Plan on the application of technology in the whole country shall not affect the partial application of ECS and EVS in accordance with article 179/1 of the Code.

3. The Action Plan shall provide for and guarantee at least:

a) a feasibility study of the electronic counting and verification systems in use.
This study will identify the benefits and risks of implementing such systems, and especially the legal, operational and financial aspects;
b) a transparent procurement, testing and certification, training, education of voters, and implementation. It shall specify a date for the issuance of the CEC's normative act on the operational details of the electronic counting system;
c) a gradual expansion approach regarding the introduction of new information technology, starting with a limited pilot project, as a rule on 20 per cent of voters. Each consecutive expansion of its use shall result from addressing the recommendations deriving from evaluations and from public consultations;
ç) certification requirements in compliance with the domestic legislation and international good practices. The certification requirements shall be available to the public in due time and shall comprise a relevant part of the procurement process;
d) testing the system before use shall be obligatory;
dh) clear guidelines on how the CEC will continue to develop the electronic counting and identification systems in the event that the audit identifies serious shortcomings;
e) specification of the persons responsible for making the electronic counting and identification systems operational, who shall be trained specifically and in due time on their tasks;
ë) personal data protection, sanctioning that:

i) the staff of the voting centre shall inform each voter, before the collection or transfer of data from the personal identification document, on the identity of the Controller, categories of data which are collected and transferred, purposes for transferring data, Processor of the data (that may include technical specifications of the system), and recipient of the data;
ii) the consent of the voter for the scanning of the personal identification document is received.