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1. Following the procedures on voter presentation at the voting centre specified in article 105 of this Code, and immediately after the performance of the actions specified in letter “c” of point 1 of article 105, the VCC Chair identifies the voter through the identification document, finds the name on the voter list, and hands over the identification document to the person in charge of reading and registering it through the electronic device. The person in charge places the respective identification document on the reading device for reading the data of the identification document. A voter is allowed to vote only after the identification document is registered.

2. In cases when the device does not work, as specified in point 3 of Section 3 of this Annex to the Code, voting starts and/or is conducted without interruption, regardless of the device’s failure, and the voter is allowed to vote regularly and without any obstacle.

3. The VCC and the technical staff are responsible for fulfilling this obligation. The technical staff take full legal responsibility for administering the device and for registering every identification document on the device.

4. For purposes of letter “a” of point 1 of article 113 of this Code, on determining the number of voters who have voted, this figure is determined based on the number of documents read by the reading device in the voting centre. When the device has not worked, as specified in point 3 of Section 3 of this Annex, the number of voters is determined based on the number of signatures on the voter list. The Record of the Closing of the Polls, in addition to the VCC members, is signed also by the EVS technical staff.

5. The actions of the technical staff before, during and after the voting process are specifie in the normative act of the CEC.