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Article 29

29.1. in order to hold elections, the Central Election Commission shall form 125 election (referendum) constituencies (hereinafter election constituencies) every 5 years, based on information on the number of voters permanently residing and registered in the relevant territorial units, provided by the municipalities in conjunction with the relevant executive bodies. Election constituencies shall, as a rule, be formed on the basis of the of average voter representation norm. The average voter representation norm is determined by dividing the total number of registered voters in the country by 125. Election constituencies shall be considered single-mandate constituencies during the elections of deputies of the Milli Majlis, and considered as election territories during the Presidential and Municipal Elections and referendums.

29.2. Voters residing outside the Republic of Azerbaijan shall be included in the voters’ lists of election constituencies. information on the number of voters permanently residing outside the Republic of Azerbaijan, or on long-term missions abroad and registered with the relevant diplomatic representations and consulates of The Republic of Azerbaijan, shall be submitted to the Central Election Commission by a relevant executive power body. Based on this information, the Central Election Commission shall approve a list of the relevant election constituencies for inclusion of the voters residing outside the country on the voter lists during referendums and Presidential elections. The number of voters in election constituencies where the voters residing outside the Republic of Azerbaijan are included on the lists should be less than the of average voter representation norm.

29.3. Election constituencies shall be formed in observation of the following requirements:

29.3.1. As a rule, the number of registered voters should be approximately equal among the election constituencies within the boundaries of the administrative-territorial units of the Republic of Azerbaijan, but no more than 10% higher/lower than the average representation norm in distant or impassible places and no more than 5% higher than the average representation norm elsewhere;

29.3.2. The formation of election constituencies in administrativeterritorial units that do not share borders shall be prohibited.

29.3.3. Determining (or changing) the boundaries of election constituencies with the intended purpose of creating a majority of any group of voters shall not be allowed.

29.4. While observing of the requirements for formation of election constituencies indicated in Articles 29.2 and 29.3 of this Code, the necessity of non-intersection of the boundaries of municipalities should be taken into consideration. During municipal elections, when it is not possible to observe Article 29.1 of this Code regarding the number of voters residing in the territory of a municipality, the Central Election Commission shall settle the case by precisely defining the boundaries of each election constituency. if the remainder obtained through division of the amount of voters residing in the territory of the municipality (municipalities) into the average representation norm is more than the percentages indicated in Article 29.3.1 of this Code as a result of establishment of more than one constituencies in the territory of the relevant municipality or inclusion of more than one municipality in the same constituency, the Central Election Commission may not act upon Article 29.1 of this Code while creating the constituency. in this case, the Central Election Commission shall ground its decision by specifying the reasons why it was not possible to follow Article 29.1 of this Code in the decision on formation of the election constituency.

29.5. The Central Election Commission should approve the scheme of formation of election constituencies and their maps on the basis of information on voters, every 5 years within 30 days after the integrated Voters’ List is compiled. During this period, the scheme of formation of election constituencies and their maps can be re-approved, taking into consideration the requirements provided for in Articles 29.3 and 46 of this Code.

29.6. The scheme of formation of election constituencies and their maps, as well as proposals on boundaries of election constituencies shall be prepared by a commission on determining the boundaries of election constituencies created under the Central Election Commission and consisting of specialists. The work of such a commission shall be supervised by the Deputy Chairman of the Central Election Commission and he/she shall be considered the chairperson of the commission, due to his/her post. Meetings of the Commission on Determining the Boundaries of Election Constituencies shall be held no later than two months after the annual update of the integrated Voters’ List. The main object of such commission shall be ensuring the compliance of the election commissions with Articles 29.3 and 29.7 of this Code. Only 1/3 of the members of such commissions may be involved in civil service. if election constituencies are formed immediately before the holding elections (referendum), the scheme of formation of election constituencies and their maps should be approved at least 55 days before election (referendum) day and published at least 50 days before election (referendum) day.

29.7. The following should be indicated in the scheme of formation of election constituencies:

29.7.1. the name and number of each election constituency;

29.7.2. the list of municipalities of administrative-territorial units, or towns, districts, districts in towns located in every election constituency (if an election constituency includes a part of an administrativeterritorial unit, municipality, or settlement, the boundaries of that part of the administrative-territorial unit, municipality, and settlement should be outlined in the scheme. if one election constituency is formed in one administrative-territorial unit, a list of municipalities located in the election constituency shall not be included in the scheme for formation of election constituency);

29.7.3. the center of each election constituency;

29.7.4. the number of voters registered in each election constituency and, in the case more than one election constituency is formed in an administrative-territorial unit, the number of voters registered in each municipality included in an election constituency;

29.7.5. in accordance with Article 29.2 of this Code, the number of voters in the relevant election constituency residing outside the boundaries of the Republic of Azerbaijan, as well as an indication of the foreign countries of residence of such voters.

29.8. The State (Computerized) information System can be used during the formation of election constituencies and determination of their scheme of formation. 29.9. A unified election constituency, formed for Presidential Elections of the Republic of Azerbaijan and for conduct of a referendum, shall cover the whole territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan;

29.10. According to Article 46 of this Code, voters included on the Voters List in a constituency shall also be considered as voters included on the Voters List in the unified election constituency.