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Article 54

54.1. A political party shall make a decision on nominating a candidate in conformity with the charter of the political party. Such a decision should be made by voting collectively.

54.2. A candidate nominated by a bloc of political parties shall be approved by each political party included in the bloc. A decision of a bloc of political parties to nominate a candidate shall be made at the meeting (congress, conference, meeting of the board) of the representatives of the political parties. Such authorized representatives of political parties shall be determined during the congress (conference, meeting of the board) of political parties.

54.3. The decision of a political party or bloc of political parties to nominate a candidate shall be formalized by the minutes. The minutes shall contain the following:

54.3.1. the number of registered participants taking part in the meeting (congress, conference, meeting of the board);

54.3.2. the number of participants required for adoption of a decision mentioned in the agreement on the creation of a bloc of political parties;

54.3.3. the decision on nomination of candidates and results of voting on this decision; and

54.3.4. the date of adoption of the decision.

54.4. A political party or bloc of political parties may nominate persons who are not members of the party or of the parties included in the bloc.

54.5. The authorized representatives of a political party shall submit the following documents to the relevant election commission along with the names of candidates:

54.5.1. a copy of the certificate of registration of the political party, certified by a notary;

54.5.2. a copy of the charter in effect of political the party, certified by notary;

54.5.3. the decision of the congress, conference, or meeting of the board, to nominate candidates and the minutes of the relevant meeting;

54.5.4. the powers of attorney of the authorized representatives of the political parties, certified in an order established by the Civil Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

54.6. The authorized representatives of a bloc of political parties shall submit the following documents along with the names of candidates:

54.6.1. the decisions to nominate candidates of the congresses, conferences, or meetings of the board of the political parties included in the bloc, and the minutes of the relevant meeting;

54.6.2. the decision to nominate a candidate on behalf of the bloc of political parties, made at the meeting, congress, or conference of the representatives of the political parties included in the bloc of political parties, and the minutes of the relevant meeting;

54.6.3. the powers of attorney of the authorized representatives of the bloc of political parties, certified by a notary.

54.7. The authorized representatives of political parties shall submit the documents on candidates nominated in the relevant election constituency to the relevant election commission. The names of the candidates shall be submitted in the format determined by the Central Election Commission, and should be type written or prepared in another format allowing for it to be recognized by a machine.

54.8. The authorized representative of a political party or bloc of political parties shall submit the documents mentioned in Articles 54.1 – 54.7 of this Code together with the candidate’s application which should contain:

• commitment to terminate the activities incompatible with his/her position if he/she is elected;

• consent to be nominated as a candidate. This application should also contain the candidate’s:

• surname, forename, patronymic, date of birth;

• address of residence;

• educational background;

• main workplace or official position (type of activity if not working); and

• party affiliation (with the candidate’s consent).

If candidates have a pending sentence, which has not been served or cancelled, then the title and number of the relevant Article of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan under which they were sentenced should be recorded in their application. if a candidate has committed an offense which imposes a criminal liability abroad, and if the same action provides for liability established by the Criminal Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan, and the candidate has been sentenced by a court decision which has entered into force, the application should contain title of the relevant law of the foreign country under which the candidate was sentenced. information on whether a candidate has foreign citizenship or obligations in foreign countries should be included in the application, alongside information on the candidate’s citizenship of the Republic of Azerbaijan. 

54.9. The election commission shall examine the submitted documents within a 5-day period, make a grounded decision on whether the candidate nominated for the relevant constituency is approved or not, and inform the authorized representative of the political party or blocs of political parties on the issue. The relevant election commission may not refuse to accept the submitted documents.

54.10. The only bases for refusal from registering the candidate’s nomination may be:

• if the documents mentioned in Articles 54.1 – 54.7 are not certified as required; or

• if the rules set forth in this Code for the nomination of candidates are violated.

If the mistakes/errors can be eliminated through corrections made by the authorized representative of the political party or a bloc of political parties, then the relevant election commission shall notify the candidate on this issue within the period set forth in Article 54.9 of this Code. After such corrections are made, the relevant election commission shall approve nomination of the candidate.

54.11. The Central Election Commission and Constituency Election Commissions should create conditions to make information about relevant nominated candidates available.