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Article 60

60.1. The relevant election commission should make a grounded decision on registration or non-registration of the candidate within 7 days of receiving the signature sheets and other required documents for registration of the candidate. if the registered candidate is nominated by a political party or bloc of political parties, the relevant election commission shall mention, in the decision on registration, that the candidate is nominated by the relevant political party, bloc of political parties. The registration date and time shall be indicated in the decision or refusal of registration.

60.2. Within 1 day after the acceptance of a decision on a candidate’s registration, the relevant election commission must submit a copy of the decision to the candidate and authorized representatives of political parties or bloc of political parties that nominated the candidate. In the case of refusal of registration an explanation must be provided.

The following may be reasons for refusal of registration:

60.2.1. violation of requirements of Article 57.1 of this Code during the collecting of signatures;

60.2.2. incorrect formalizing or absence of documents mentioned in Articles 57 and 58 of this Code;

60.2.3. information submitted by the candidates, political parties or blocs of political parties, in accordance with Articles 57 and 58 of this Code, is not correct (this provision may be applied to the candidates nominated by political parties or blocs of political parties in the case the candidate provides inaccurate information);

60.2.4. the number of submitted valid voters’ signatures presented in support of a candidate is less than required;

60.2.5. the rules for the creation of election funds for a candidate, political party, bloc of political parties and rules for expenditure of such funds have been violated (such grounds may be applied only if a warning has been made before with regard to such violation and a penalty has been imposed); or 60.2.6. violation of the requirements of Article 55 of this Code by the authorized representatives of a political party or bloc of political parties, as well as by a candidate, political parties or bloc of political parties (such grounds may be applied only if a warning has been issued or a penalty has been imposed beforehand regarding such violation– if such violation does not impose any other liability).

60.3. When the cases indicated in Article 60.2 of this Code, are taken as a the basis for refusing registration, the decision should be proportional to the mistake (shortcoming, violation) made.

60.4. if the reasons provided for in Articles 60.2.2 and 60.2.4 of this Code apply, and if the mistakes and errors can be eliminated from the relevant documents through corrections by the authorized representative of a candidate, political party or bloc of political parties, then the relevant election commission shall notify the relevant authorized representative within 24 hours, and register the candidate after the relevant correction(s) is (are) made.

60.5. (Removed)

60.6. if legal violations subject to criminal and administrative liabilities have been discovered in a candidate’s actions, the election commission shall transfer the relevant documents and materials to law enforcement bodies for investigation of the case, and institute proceedings against the persons guilty of violating this Code.

60.7. A registration card shall be issued to each registered candidate. Relevant election commissions shall inform the mass media about registered candidates in a relevant constituency within 24 hours of registration. The Election Commissions shall display the information on registered candidates on notice boards, as indicated in the Article 98.3 of this Code, in the rooms of election commissions at least 15 days prior to Election Day. The information on de-registration of a candidate shall be displayed in the same manner.