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Article 100

100.1. Taking into consideration the Special Part of this Code, the regulations for the preparation of voting protocols of election commissions (hereinafter – the protocols), as well as their text and layout, quantity and requirements for preparation, shall be approved by the Central Election Commission at least 45 days before Election Day.

100.2. The following information shall be included in each protocol:

100.2.1. the total number of voters in the voter list;

100.2.2. the number of voters who obtained de-registration cards for voting (except Elections to the Milli Majlis and to Municipalities);

100.2.3. the number of ballots submitted by the Constituency Election Commission to the Precinct Election Commission and by the Central Election Commission to the Constituency Election Commission;

100.2.4. (Removed)

100.2.5. the number of voters who received ballot papers;

100.2.6. the number of ballot papers issued to voters voting outside he polling station;

100.2.7. the number of voters who voted with de-registration cards for voting (except Elections to the Milli Majlis and to Municipalities);

100.2.8. the number of unused ballot papers;

100.2.9. the number of cancelled ballot papers;

100.2.10. (Removed)

100.2.11. (Removed)

100.2.12. the number of ballot papers in the envelopes inside mobile

ballot boxes (excluding ballots of indeterminate form);

100.2.13. the number of ballot papers in immovable ballot boxes (excluding the ballots of indeterminate form);

100.2.14. the number of valid votes;

100.2.15. the number of invalid votes (recording in separate rows ballots in indeterminate form and unmarked ballots);

100.2.16. the number of spoilt ballot papers; and

100.2.17. the date and time of completion of the protocol.

100.3. The protocols shall be produced in the form of a booklet, which consists of 3 carbonized copies (each copy of different color).

100.4. Corresponding to rules identified by the Central Election Commission, each protocol shall be enumerated in succession, and their serial numbers shall be indicated appropriate to the number of election constituencies (except for protocols of the Central Election Commission).

100.5. Protocols shall be published in the State language.

100.6. According to a decision of the Central Election Commission, the protocols shall be published in printing houses, under the observation of representatives of the Central Election Commission, at least 30 days prior to Election Day.

100.7. The printing house shall ensure the sorting out of defective protocols from usable ones, and hand the protocols to an authorized representative of the Central Election Commission on the basis of an act that indicates their quantity and date and time of issue. After the protocols are handed over in accordance with the order, staff of the printing institution shall eliminate the spoiled printed protocols and prepare an act on the matter, approved by the signatures of all participants. These procedures may be observed by members of the Central Election Commission and persons indicated in Articles 40.2 and 40.4 of this Code. The Central Election Commission shall inform the registered candidates and authorized representatives of political parties, blocs of political parties, and referendum campaign groups on the place and date of issuance of the protocols.

100.8. After receiving the protocols from the printing house, and at least 20 days prior to Election Day, the Central Election Commission shall draft an act in the presence of the chairperson and secretaries of a relevant Constituency Election Commission, which indicates the quantity of the protocols, their serial and batch numbers, and the date and time of issue, and provide the protocols to the Chairperson of the Constituency Election Commission, taking into account the number of election precincts. The Constituency Election Commission shall allocate the protocols to the election precincts in the mentioned order, at least 4 days prior to the Election Day.

100.9. Chairpersons of election commissions that issue, accept, and secure the ballot papers, shall be responsible for the issuance and keeping of the protocols.

100.10. According to Articles 35.4 and 35.6 of this Code, Precinct Election Commissions shall be allowed to produce the protocols in exceptional cases and if technical facilities are available, on ships sailing on Voting Day and in election precincts organized outside the Republic of Azerbaijan.

100.11. Copies of the election protocols shall be produced at the same time as the election protocols, and provided to election commissions. Every single commission shall be provided with 30 copies of the protocol. No serial and batch numbers shall be printed on copies of the protocols, but shall be indicated in writing when filling in the corresponding copy of the protocol. Copies of protocols and other documents of election commissions submitted to the persons mentioned in Articles 40.2 and 40.4 of this Code shall be certified by the chairperson or secretary of an election commission upon their request. in this case, the person shall write the words “Matches the original” on the copy of the document to be certified, sign it (indicating the serial and batch numbers), approve it with the commission’s stamp, and indicate the date of approval. The persons specified by Articles 40.2 and 40.4 of this Code may obtain one certified copy of the protocol without free of charge, and an additional copy by paying the fee determined by the Central Election Commission, taking into account Article 42.2.9 of this Code.

100.12. Protocols shall be completed by members of the election commission with decisive voting rights, and be signed by at least two thirds of the election commission members with decisive voting rights. Any member of the election commission with decisive voting rights who disagrees with the whole protocol or various parts thereof, shall enclose his/her special opinion to the protocol and relevant notes shall be made in the protocol in this regard. The persons specified by articles 40.2 and 40.4 of this Code may observe the procedures of completion of protocols. it is prohibited to complete the protocol by pencil or to make any corrections on it.