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Article 101

101.1. Voters can be issued de-registration cards for single mandate constituency during Referendum and Presidential Elections. The Central Election Commission shall approve the form of the deregistration cards for voting (hereinafter – voting card), rules for their preparation, number to be produced, and the record keeping log for issuing deregistration cards at least 45 days prior to Voting Day. The voting cards shall be produced in accordance with the rules established in Articles 99.2 and 99.5 of this Code. Voting cards shall be issued by superior election commissions to lower election commissions in accordance with the rules set forth in Article 99.6 of this Code. Chairpersons of relevant election commissions shall be responsible for issuing and storing the voting cards.

101.2. A voter included on the voter list but not able to vote in the election precinct on Voting Day, may obtain a voting card in the relevant Constituency Election Commission 45 to 25 days prior to Voting Day, or in the relevant Precinct Election Commission 24 to 3 days prior to Voting Day, and may vote on the basis of the voting card in the election precinct of the territory where he is present on Voting Day. This regulation shall be applied within the territory of the relevant election constituency during the elections to the Milli Majlis, within the entire territory of the republic during Presidential elections and referendum, within the territory of relevant municipality during the elections to the municipalities.

101.3. The voting card shall be issued to a voter on his/her application, by the relevant election commission or his representative on the basis of a power of attorney certified by a notary. Reasons for receiving the voting card by the voter should be indicated in the application. Within two days of submission of the application, the Precinct Election Commission shall apply to the Constituency Election Commission and clarify whether the voter has obtained the voting card before or not. issuance of more than one voting card to one voter is prohibited.

101.4. The Constituency Election Commission shall compile the voting cards register. The surname, forename, patronymic, date of birth, and residential address of the voters receiving voting cards should be indicated in the register. 25 days prior to Voting Day, the Constituency Election Commission shall send approved extracts from the register with the Voter’s List to the Precinct Election Commissions. 
The Precinct Election Commission may make corresponding notes in the Voters’ List based on the extracts.

101.5. On receipt of the voting card, a voter or his/her representative shall sign the register at the Constituency Election Commission, or on the Voter’s List at the Precinct Election Commission, indicating the serial and batch number of the voter’s identification or substitute document. The cut-off corner of the voting card shall be attached to either the register or the voting list. On this ground, the voter shall not be taken into consideration when calculating of the number of registered voters and shall not be included in the relevant protocol.

101.6. The Precinct Election Commission shall provide the Constituency Election Commission with information on the voting card provided, immediately after the card is issued. The Constituency Election Commission shall present such information to the Central Election Commission once every 2 days.

101.7. The voting card should be verified by the seal of the election commission issuing the card, and the signature of a member of the relevant Constituency or Precinct Election Commission should be on it.

101.8. upon being presented by the voter for obtaining a ballot paper, the voting card should be attached to the voter list.

101.9. The voter shall indicate his/her residential address in the voting card when receiving a ballot paper on Voting Day, and sign it.

101.10. The unused voting cards shall be cut in two before the commencement of voting on Voting Day and a relevant act on this shall be prepared by the Constituency or Precinct Election Commission. Based on this act, the number of voters who received voting cards and those who voted with voting cards shall be indicated in the protocol of the Precinct Election Commission.