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Article 109

109.1. immediately after the Constituency Election Commission submits the protocols on voting results to the Central Election Commission, preliminary results of the elections (referendum) shall be published by the Central Election Commission as a schedule providing unified voting results of election constituencies. Such information may be placed on the website of the Central Election Commission.

109.2. Within 45 days of Voting Day, the Central Election Commission shall publish all the information from protocols of the Constituency Election Commissions in the mass media, as specified in Article 77.2 of this Code. Such information may be placed on the website of the Central Election Commission.

109.3. Preliminary results of elections (referendum) for a constituency should be submitted to the Central Election Commission and mass media immediately after the acceptance of protocols on voting results of election precincts by the Constituency Election Commissions and should be published in form of summarized schedule.

109.4. information on voting results from the protocol of the Precinct Election Commission and the Constituency Election Commission shall be published at the latest 5 days or 10 days after Voting Day respectively. This information shall be officially published in the mass media bodies specified correspondingly in Articles 77.3 and 77.4 of this Code.

109.5. The Central Election Commission should publish in its official publication all the information from protocols of Constituency and Precinct Election Commissions, within 6 months of Election Day.