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Article 110

110.1. The entire State Computerized information System or some of its technical resources may be used for obtaining, transferring, or redeveloping information in time during the conduct of elections or referendums (hereafter referred to as elections), including voter registration, compilation of voter lists, and the determination of voting results and election returns. Requirements regarding the state computerized information systems and rules for its use shall be determined by the Central Election Commission.

110.2. The relevant election commission shall create a specific group comprised of members of the election commission with decisive and consultative voting rights, with the purpose of controlling the use of the State Computerized information System or some of its technical resources. This group shall:

• check if the complex of computerized facilities is ready for operation; if information from protocols of election commissions entered into the systems, and information added to the protocols is accurate;

• control if requirements of this Code, instructions of the Central Election Commission on use of the State Computerized information Systems, and other documents are observed; and

• control if documents on actions considered for usage of the information system are completed in accordance with the time limits and plans of the relevant election commission. The controlling group may involve specialists on computerized information systems in its activities.

110.3. All members of the election commission, observers and representatives of mass media shall have the right to become familiar with any information received by or extracted from the State Computerized information System (taking into account the provisions of Article 32.3 of the Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan).

110.4. Election commission members with decisive and consultative voting rights, who have been included in the controlling group, shall have equal rights in the group. They may:

• become familiar with any information transferred to the election commission through technical communication channels;

• demand an explanation of technical documentation of The State Computerized information System or about all actions of the technical personnel of information systems; or

• compare information processed by technical means or in by hand. If any action of the personnel of the State Computerized information System contradicts the law, the controlling group shall inform the chairperson of the election commission about this and propose motions to correct the irregularities or to dismiss the persons who committed those irregularities. Results of investigations held by the controlling group should be recorded in the current documents of the relevant election commissions.

110.5. The State Computerized Systems shall be used for observing the voting process and its results by the relevant election commissions based on information transferred by subordinate election commissions to the superior election commission, from the time voting commences including until protocols on election results and voting results are signed. it shall be prohibited to transfer any information except for the confirmation message from the superior election commissions about the receipt of information from subordinate election commissions.

110.6. information on the voting process and results of voting obtained from the State Computerized information System shall be considered as preliminary information, without legal importance.

110.7. Protocols of the election commission kept by the secretary of the election commission shall be attached to the text of information entered into the State Computerized information System, which will be printed out from a computer. Accuracy of information in a printed out paper shall be certified by signature of a person who is responsible for the transfer of information and by members of the controlling group.

110.8. Information on voter turnout, initial and final results of voting, and returns of elections that are entered into the State Computerized information System, should be included in the information-communication lines of common use for getting prompt information by the persons desiring the information, in conformity with the rules defined by the Central Election Commission. 

110.9. According to Article 32.3 of the Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the State shall ensure against the dissemination of information on voters entered in the State Computerized information System.