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Article 244

244.1. The public meetings held by the political parties and the registered candidates will be governed by the provisions of article 9 of the Constitution and will not have any other limit than the respect for the rights of third parties, particularly those of the other parties and candidates, as well as the regulations issued by the competent administrative authority for the exercise of the right to assembly and the preservation of the public order.

244.2. In those cases where the authorities allow the political parties or candidates to use enclosed public premises free of charge, it will be as follows:

a) The federal, state and municipal authorities should ensure fair treatment in the use of the public premises to all political parties that participate in the election, and

b) The political parties should request the use of the premises with enough anticipation, stating the nature of the event, the estimated number citizens that will participate, the hours needed for the preparation and carrying out of the event, the requirements regarding light and sound, and the name of the citizen authorized by the political party or the candidate in question who is responsible for the good use of the premise and its installations.

244.3. The President of the General Council could request from the competent authorities the safety personnel for the candidates who need it, as well as for the candidates for the Presidency of the United Mexican States, from the moment in which, according to the internal mechanisms of their party, hold such role. The President Councilor will be informed of the measures adopted by the competent authority.