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Article 251

251.1. The electoral campaigns for President of the United Mexican States, senators and representatives, in the corresponding year, will last for ninety days.

251.2. The electoral campaigns for representatives, in years in which only the respective Chamber is renewed, will last for sixty days.

251.3. The electoral campaigns of the political parties will begin the day after the candidate registration session for the respective election, and they should conclude three days before the Election Day.

251.4. On the Election Day and during the three previous days, both the holding and the dissemination of campaign, propaganda or electoral proselytism meetings or public actions will not be allowed.

251.5. The individual who requests or orders the publication of any survey or opinion poll about electoral matters made since the begin of the electoral process until the official closure of the polling stations on the Election Day should deliver copy of the complete study to the Executive Secretary of the Institute, if the survey or opinion poll is distributed by any means. In any case, the distribution of the results of any survey or opinion poll will be subject to the provisions of the following paragraph.

251.6. During the three days prior to the election and until the of f cial closure of the polling stations which are in the most western time zone of the national territory, it is prohibited to publish or distribute the results of surveys or opinion polls with the purpose to inform about the electoral preferences of the citizens by any means. Those who do so will be subject to the sentence applicable to those who incur any of the types set out and sanctioned in the General Law on Electoral Crimes.

251.7. The natural or legal persons that want to carry out sample surveys to inform about the electoral preferences of the citizens or the voting tendencies will adopt the general guidelines of scientific character issued by the General Council for this purpose, after consulting with the professionals in the field or their organizations.