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Article 173

173.1. The Constituency Election Commission shall immediately inform the candidate elected as a deputy after signing the protocol on results of elections.
Within at most 60 days, the candidates elected as deputies should submit to the Central Election Commission a copy of the order on resignation from a position incompatible with his/her deputy status and indicated in Article 85.2 of the Constitution (or copies of documents which confirm that he/she will submit an application on resignation within 3 days) or an application which contains the candidate’s obligations on termination of his/her job.

173.2. if a candidate elected from a single-mandate constituency does not perform the requirements specified in Article 173.1 of this Code, then the Central Election Commission shall apply to a relevant court on cancellation of returns of elections in the relevant constituency and carry out repeat elections. if a candidate does not perform the requirements mentioned in Article 173.1 of this Code, without compelling reasons indicated in Article 73.3 of this Code, and if due to these reasons repeat elections are carried out, then the candidate should repay all state funds, allocated by the relevant election commission with regard to repeat elections.

173.3. The Central Election Commission shall register a deputy and issue him/her a deputy card after the results of elections are published and after the deputy has resigned from his/her position that was incompatible with the status of deputy, or after such of his/her functions are terminated.