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Article 192

192.1. it shall be obligatory to publish the following information in the mass media provided for by Article 77.2 of this Code:

192.1.1. the financial report on expenditure of funds if the election fund of a registered presidential candidate or a presidential candidate respectively exceeds 10,000 and 2,500 manats;

192.1.2. the legal entities who made donations to registered presidential candidates or presidential candidates, in respective amounts exceeding 5,000 and 1,250 manats (in this case, the possibility of transfer of funds by the same legal entity through several instalments of donations should be taken into account);

192.1.3. about the number of citizens who made donations to the election fund in amounts exceeding 250 manats;

192.1.4. the funds returned to donors and the grounds for their return; and

192.1.5. the total amount of money received in and spent from the election fund.