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Article 278

278.1. The voters will vote in the order in which they present themselves to the directive board of the polling station, and must show their voter cards or, where  applicable, the ruling of the Electoral Tribunal that gives them the right to vote without appearing in the nominal list or without having their voter cards or both.

278.2. The presidents of the polling stations will allow those citizens whose voter cards contain sectioning errors12 to cast their vote, provided that they appear in the nominal list of voters with photography corresponding to their addresses.

278.3. In the case referred to in the previous paragraph, the presidents of the polling station, in addition to identifying the voters in the terms of this Law, will verify their residence in the corresponding section by the means that he deems the most effective.

278.4. The president of the polling station will collect the voter cards that show proof of alteration or that do not belong to the citizen, putting those who submit them at the disposal of the authorities.

278.5. The secretary of the directive board will record the incident in the respective minutes, explicitly mentioning the name of the allegedly responsible citizen or citizens.