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Article 279

279.1. Once it is verified that the voter appears in the nominal lists and that he has shown his voter card, the president of the directive board of the polling station will give him the ballot of the elections so that he can freely and in secret mark on the ballot the only square corresponding to the political party he votes for, or write down the name of the unregistered candidate he wishes to vote for.

279.2. Those voters who cannot read or who are physically unable to mark their ballots to vote may be assisted by a person they trust that accompanies them.

279.3. Next, the voter will fold the ballot and proceed to deposit it in the corresponding ballot box.

279.4. The secretary of the polling station, assisted at all times by one of the scrutineers, should mark the word “voted” in the corresponding nominal list with the stamp that has been delivered for that reason and will proceed:

a) To mark the voter cards of the voters that have exercised their right to vote;

b) To cover the right thumb of the voter with indelible ink, and

c) To return the voter card to the voter.

279.5. The representatives of the political parties and of Independent Candidates before the directive boards can exercise their right to vote in the polling station in which are accredited, for which the procedure set out in this and the previous article will be used, noting down the name and the code of the voter card of the representatives at the end of the nominal list of voters.