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Article 203

203.1. The Central Election Commission shall finalize the Presidential Elections and submit the results to the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Azerbaijan for approval in accordance with Article 102 of the Constitution, no later than 10 days from Election Day. Resolution of the Constitutional Court on this matter shall be final.

203.2. A general schedule displaying the data from Constituency Election Commissions shall be attached to the protocol of the Central Election Commission.

203.3. Based on protocols on voting results received from Constituency Election Commissions, the Central Election Commission shall, in addition to provisions of Article 108 of this Code, determine the number of election constituencies where legal violations have taken place during conduct of elections or determination of voting results which do not allow for the identification of the voters’ will, the number of election precincts where voting results were invalidated, and the number of votes cast for each presidential candidate.

203.4. in accordance with Article 101.2 of the Constitution, a presidential candidate of the Republic of Azerbaijan shall be considered elected if more than half the voters voted for him/her.

203.5. A protocol on results of the Presidential elections shall be published within 24 hours upon its signing.