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Article 310

310.1. The district councils will hold a session from 8:00 a.m. on the Wednesday following the day of the Election Day, to make the count of each of the elections, in the following order:

a) That of the vote for President of the United Mexican States;

b) That of the vote for the representatives, and

c) That of the vote for the senators.

310.2. Each of the counts referred to in the previous paragraph will be made successively and continuously until their conclusion.

310.3. The district councils, in a session prior to the Election Day, may agree that the members of the National Professional Electoral Service belonging to the system of the Institute can be substituted or alternated between themselves in the session or that they can be substituted by other members of the system of those that support the respective district board and, also, that the Electoral Councilors and representatives of political party accredit their substitutes to participate in them in their absences, so that they can permanently hold sessions.

310.4. The District Councils should have the human, material, technical and f nancial elements necessary for the realization of the counts in permanently way.