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Article 47

Agitation that contains propaganda of war, calls for violent change of the constitutional order, violation of territorial integrity of the Republic of Belarus, insults and slander related to officials of the Republic of Belarus, candidates for the President of the Republic of Belarus, candidates for deputies, and also calls encouraging or having the aim to disrupt or cancel, or postpone the elections, referendum, set in accordance with the legislative acts of the Republic of Belarus is prohibited.

Agitation or propaganda of social, racial, national, religious or language superiority, issue and dissemination of statements and materials causing social, racial, national or religious strives are prohibited.

Candidates for the President of the Republic of Belarus, for deputies, their authorized persons, other organizations and persons campaigning for election of the candidates, for holding of referendum are prohibited to distribute financial means, gifts or other material valuables, to hold discounted sale of goods, to provide goods and services free of charge except for agitation printed materials specially published for the electoral campaign with observance of the requirements of this Code. When holding the electoral agitation, agitation on referendum, it is prohibited to influence the citizens by means of promises to provide them with financial means, material valuables.

Campaigning for election of a candidate for the President of the Republic of Belarus, for deputies that is paid from the electoral funds of other candidates is prohibited.

If the requirements of this Article are violated, the respective commissions shall take measures as to stop violations, and the Central Commission, territorial, circuit electoral are also entitled to cancel the decision about registration of a candidate.