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Article 329

329.1. The citizens residing abroad may exercise their right to vote in the election of the President of the United Mexican States and senators, as well as of the Governors of the states and of the Chief of Government of the Federal District, whenever this is established in the Constitutions of the States or the Government Statute of the Federal District.

329.2. The exercise of the vote of the Mexicans residing abroad can be carried out by mail, through personal deposit of the ballot in the modules set up in the embassies or consulates or, where applicable, electronically, in accordance with this Law and in the terms set out by the Institute.

329.3. The electronic vote can only be carried out in accordance with the guidelines issued by the Institute in the terms of this Law, and this voting method should ensure the total certainty and proven safety of the Mexicans residing abroad, for the effective exercise of their right to vote in the popular elections.